Rig speak 101: Rig crew basics

Trinidad Drilling well-trained rig crews

Working on a drilling rig is no desk job – it can be loud and dirty with plenty of exposure to the elements. It’s also a rewarding career with high earning potential, and a work schedule that’s far from your everyday nine to five with only three weeks’ vacation a year.

If you’re considering a career on the rigs and want to know about each position, this blog is for you. Read on as we take you through crew basics, describe rig positions, and explain why Trinidad is the employer of choice among new and experienced hands.

Crew basics

A typical rig crew has between five to seven hands, but, depending on the complexity of the rig or the operation, Trinidad has crewed up to nine if a customer requests it. As the saying goes, “there ain’t no rest for the wicked,” drilling rigs operate 24 hours a day, but working hours and the number of crews depend on each operation.

Rig positions

Drilling Rig Manager or Toolpush


Drilling rig Derrickhand

Drilling rig Motorhand

Drilling rig Floorhand

Drilling rig Leasehand

Why choose Trinidad?

Choosing which company to work for usually comes down to which one will provide the best life for you and your family. We’ll make it really simple for you: Trinidad runs safe and well-trained rig crews on some of the biggest, baddest and newest drilling rigs in the industry. Oh, and our rigs are more active than most (so you’ll be busy).

Ready to learn more about life on the rigs and the lingo that accompanies it? Check out our Rig speak 101 blog series:

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