Rig Profile: Trinidad Drilling Rig 100

This week on the blog, we’re introducing our new spin on an old favourite!

Rig 100 holds a special place in the hearts of those that have been with Trinidad since the beginning. Well-known as a 1,500 HP SCR Triple and the first rig in our US fleet, recent upgrades have taken the ten-year-old rig to a whole new level. Currently drilling in the Permian Basin, the new and improved 2,000 HP AC XL (extended lateral) Triple is aiming for depths it wasn’t capable of…until now.

Read on as Ronald Williams, lead engineer on Rig 100’s recent upgrade, explains why this old favourite has people talking.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 100

“Everybody loves this rig! It’s very similar to our 1,500 HP CanDrill rigs, but this one’s on steroids. I saw it in action down in west Texas this week and the customer is really happy with it,” beamed Williams.

Upgrade highlights include an XY walking system, giving the rig the capability of walking 150 feet in the X direction and 25 feet in the Y; advanced AC controls on the top drive and drawworks; 7,500 PSI mud pumps; Derrick Triple Combo Hyperpool Shakers; and an increased racking capacity of 25,000 feet (5” drill pipe).

The upgrade team also made a number of safety and maneuverability improvements to the rig.

“Moving the drawworks to the rig floor from the ground was big in terms of safety, as it’s now more accessible for the driller and his crew. We also integrated the HPU (hydraulic power unit) and accumulator on the rear skids behind the substructure so they can walk with the rig,” which Williams says makes Rig 100 “out-class a lot of other walking rigs in terms of transportability.”

We’re continually upgrading our fleet and looking ahead to where the industry is going to find ways to drill deeper, longer, and more technical wells. Keep an eye on our blog for more upgrades stories to come this year.

Interested in what the rest of our 149 rigs have to offer? Check out our rig profile series or see our entire fleet on our website.

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