Part one: what do MacGyver, drilling rigs and a little luck have in common?

Bear Drilling Rig 5

This is the first of two blog posts with Trinidad’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Adrian Lachance.

You name it, this guy’s done it. From auditioning for the hit TV series MacGyver in the 1980s, to starting two successful businesses, Red Deer, Alberta native and Trinidad’s COO has a story that’s sure to surprise you.

Known today for his passionate demeanor, extensive industry knowledge, and experience with technical drilling, Lachance has been instrumental to Trinidad’s success over the years. A visionary at heart, not even he could have predicted the road that got him to where he is today.

Roughneck raisedAdrian Lachance

Lachance got his first taste of oil patch life at a young age, spending all the time he could with his Dad, who drove trucks and worked on the rigs.

“One of my first memories on a rig was of my dad calling me over to a fresh rathole. I walked over, looked down, and he said, ‘See this hole? Don’t fall in…’cause I won’t be able to get you out,’” laughed Lachance.

Breaking out at the age of 18, it didn’t take long for Lachance to learn his way around a service rig and work his way through the ranks. But, even with a promising career in the oil patch ahead of him, Lachance had his sights set on something a little different during spring break-up in 1986.


Trust us, we couldn’t make this part up.

We’ll set the scene for you. It’s April 1986, the snow is melting near Drayton Valley, Canadian Geese are making their way home overhead, and Lachance’s rig is stacking up for break-up as the roads begin to thaw.

“I finished up on the rig, hopped in my ‘78 black Trans Am (Burt Reynolds-style) and headed west to try my luck at acting. When I got settled in Vancouver, I took lessons, found an agent and had a bunch of photos done,” joked Lachance.

Assuring us he was “this close” to landing a role in MacGyver, a TV series about a secret agent with the uncanny ability to “MacGyver” his way out of anything, Lachance, like many aspiring actors, made his way home (and back to the oil patch) when he ran out of money.

We might add that although he hadn’t been cast, Lachance’s Vancouver acting days have since come in handy.

“I did a couple car commercials in Red Deer when I got back from Vancouver, and was an extra on a three-day shoot for the Olympics at Nakiska’s ski hill in the late 80s, alongside Alan Thicke and Jason Bateman,” recalled Lachance.

Bear Drilling beginnings

Although he may not have made it to the big screen, Lachance did prove himself a MacGyver of sorts in the drilling business in years to follow.

Check back in a couple of weeks as he explains starting up Bear Drilling, who’s drilling rigs would later become the foundations of Trinidad’s technically advanced fleet it is today.

In the meantime, learn more about Randy Hawkings, Trinidad’s Executive Vice President of US Operations. Following a similar path to Trinidad, we acquired CanElson Drilling in 2015, where Hawkings was the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

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