Behind the scenes of a Trinidad rig move: Rig 57 heads south

Trinidad Rig 57

If you’ve been following us on social media, you know our team’s been busy moving one of our Canadian rigs to Midland, Texas. Selected by the customer to make the 3,500 km (2,175 mile) trek because of its unique pad drilling capabilities, Rig 57 just made its debut in the Permian Basin. According to Baker Hughes, it joins half of the active oil rigs in the United States in this play.

Mega pad monster

The 1,500 HP Triple’s moving system is what really sets it apart from other rigs in west Texas. With advanced moving systems on both the center section (the derrick and substructure) and compound, Rig 57 can walk from well-to-well with flexibility and ease.

Upgrades and modifications to come

As part of Trinidad’s 2017 rig upgrade program, our engineering team will add even more bells and whistles to Rig 57 as soon as it finishes up its first pad in Midland County. The rig’s upgrades include adding 7,500 PSI mud pumps and two generators so the crews can run all three mud pumps simultaneously.

Further modifications include removing the rig’s boiler buildings as they’re no longer needed in the thick Texas heat.

Behind the scenes

Thanks to Kevin Walde, one of two Canadian Toolpushers that made the trek with the rig, here’s a quick behind the scenes look at its nation-wide haul.

“We had -25 to -40 degree Celsius (-13 to -40 degree Fahrenheit) temperatures for the duration of the move out, but hard work and good attitudes pulled everyone through the challenging conditions safely and in good spirits,” concluded Walde.

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