Gearing up for ISO 9001: 2015 certification in Saudi

ISO 9001 2015 certification in Saudi

From the design of our drilling rigs to the safety of our people, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our work at Trinidad – right down to the last detail.

Chris Willoughby, our Quality Management System (QMS) Manager, spends his days focused on these details. One of the ways he’s making sure this quality travels with us as we expand into new countries is ensuring Trinidad’s QMS complies with globally-recognized standards.

“Conforming with ISO 9001: 2015 standards in our Saudi Arabia division is huge for us,” said Willoughby. “Not only does it give Trinidad a competitive edge in the Middle East, but it helps keep up the operational excellence Trinidad is known for in North America.”

What’s a Quality Management System?

Simply put, QMS documents an organization’s policies, processes and procedures around all aspects of the business. Having a well-managed QMS is important not only to meet customer and regulatory demands, but it helps improve the overall efficiency of an organization.

“An established QMS essentially proves to our customers that we can do what we say we will do,” said Willoughby.

Why are ISO standards important?

By designing our QMS around standards provided by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), our customers can be certain every aspect of our international operations are on par with globally-recognized business practices.

Conforming with ISO standards in Saudi Arabia

To become compliant, Willoughby’s been working for months with a third-party company and subject matter experts at Trinidad building, documenting and implementing procedures for our QMS.

“There are four phases to go through to become ISO-compliant. The first is building the policies, processes and procedures for the QMS that follow set ISO standards; the second is implementation through a series of workshops with Trinidad’s leaders,” explained Willoughby.

Currently in the third phase, Trinidad’s Saudi Arabia division has just been awarded an official Letter of Conformance (pictured above) by the third party working with us throughout the implementation.

“Now that we have the official letter, we’ll continue building up our content and governing its use before the final phase, which includes a third party audit of our system in the third quarter of 2017.”

Driven to outperform

Complying with ISO standards is just another way we’re listening to our customers and ensuring our work is consistent, no matter how far we are from home. Find out more about the quality of our work with our training, safety and operational performance stories.

Stay tuned on Trinidad’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for updates on our ISO implementation in Saudi Arabia throughout the year.

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