Drilling rigs are no place for drugs and alcohol

Drug and alcohol testing oilfield

This is the first post in our two-part series on pre-employment testing in our US division.

It’s as simple as this: there’s no place for substance abuse on a drilling rig. That’s why every rig hand that receives an employment offer with Trinidad has to pass a mandatory drug and alcohol test prior to hitting the field.

“Trinidad has a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse,” explained Amanda Vaught, HR Supervisor based out of our Houston, Texas office. “We work endlessly to ensure our crews go home in the same shape they came to work in and confirming they’re fit-for-duty is a crucial step in making sure that happens.”

Read on as Vaught explains part one of the pre-employment testing process in our US division. Here’s how drug and alcohol testing works.

Testing in Trinidad’s US division

We do everything we can to set our crews up for success. In addition to providing them the training and tools they need to perform their jobs safely and effectively, we’re committed to hiring and developing the best drilling crews in the business. Step one: successful pre-employment testing.

As soon as an employment offer has been made, Trinidad’s crew coordinators setup drug and alcohol testing at nearby medical clinics.

“All candidates have to complete a direct observed test, meaning they’re watched while they provide a specimen,” explained Vaught. “Results are available instantly but the specimen is always sent to the lab for final confirmation to determine if there are drugs or alcohol in the candidate’s system.”

We’re looking for traces of substances like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and opiates.

“We’re also testing for synthetic drugs that don’t show up on traditional tests, and excessive prescription drug use,” said Vaught.

If tested positive, meaning traces of banned substances are found, the employment offer is immediately null and void.

Making substance abuse a non-issue among our US crews

Mandatory pre-employment drug and alcohol testing aside, Trinidad’s US crews are also subject to random, pre-access, reasonable suspicion, post-incident and wall-to-wall testing throughout their careers.

“Trinidad’s substance abuse policy is globally governed, but specific procedures vary by country,” Vaught explained, “meaning the testing we do in one country may not be allowed in other countries we operate.”

For example, in the United States, we randomly test 50% of our rig crews on a quarterly basis, and increase to 75% during the summer months.

“Our US customers also reserve the right to call a random test at any time and our employees must comply.”

Next up? It’s time to get physical

Check back in a couple of weeks as Vaught takes us through part two of pre-employment testing in our US division: the physical evaluation.

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