Spotlight on technology: Teaming-up with RigMinder

Another strategic acquisition at Trinidad

As you may have gathered from our news release issued on August 28th, there’s some exciting stuff going down at Trinidad. With the recent acquisition of RigMinder comes significant technology additions that are complementary to our fleet of 149 drilling rigs.

“Joining forces with RigMinder’s team is an exciting step forward in terms of technology on our rigs,” explained Adrian Lachance, Trinidad’s Chief Operating Officer (and rig technology enthusiast).

We’re all excited about the unique potential the acquisition brings to Trinidad’s rig fleet.”

Coming soon to Trinidad’s fleet: full rig integration packages

Not only does the addition of RigMinder’s team and technology promote further rig automation research and development at Trinidad, but it’ll allow us to offer our customers full rig integration packages to improve efficiency and performance.

“Trinidad’s rigs will be some of the most advanced in the industry once RigMinder’s technology has been integrated. It’ll take our rigs to a new level in terms of automation,” said Lachance.

Here’s a high-level look at a couple of RigMinder’s technologies we’ll be adding to our fleet.

Criterion: for directional drilling efficiency and accuracy

Along with the team at RigMinder’s 150+ years of combined directional drilling experience comes their Criterion technology. This directional drilling guidance system will give Trinidad’s crews the ability to optimize wellbore trajectory, reduce costs and improve drilling times for our customers.

“Once the technology is all integrated with Trinidad’s control system, the platform will be a one-stop shop, where our drillers will be able to drill the well intuitively and customers won’t need to call anyone else to do directional work,” summarized Lachance.

Criterion will also allow us to receive conventional measurement while drilling (MWD) and motor drilling data, as well as the ability to downlink data from rotary steerable systems.

RigMinder Criterion Drilling Display
RigMinder Criterion Plan Display

Electronic Data Recorder (EDR): monitoring drilling and equipment performance

RigMinder’s EDR technology will be another exciting add to our rig fleet. With it, we’ll be able to monitor the functionality of operations and capture real-time data remotely to optimize the drilling process.

Stay tuned for more on the marrying of technologies

At Trinidad, we’re always looking for ways to make drilling more efficient for our customers. That’s why Trinidad’s fleet is made up of high performancehigh-mobility rigs with advanced drilling controls. Be sure to follow on our blog for updates on RigMinder’s integration.

“We’re predicting an easy integration. We’ve been using RigMinder’s technologies on our rigs in Saudi Arabia and Mexico for a few years, and have been really happy with it,” Lachance said.

In the meantime, learn more about other technologies we’re using on our drilling rigs in our Spotlight on technology series:

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