Meet Jordan McKinney: Maintenance Manager and 13-year Trinidad veteran

Jordan McKinney Trinidad Drilling Maintenance Manager
Jordan McKinney, Maintenance Manager in Saudi Arabia

Drilling rigs are incredibly sophisticated machines. It takes a crew of well-trained rig hands to operate them, and a team of expert tradespeople to maintain them. Jordan McKinney is one of those expert tradespeople.

Much like many others at Trinidad Drilling, McKinney has grown as we’ve grown. Read on to learn more about the latest chapter in his 13-year career with us.

You could say electrical automation and controls are his forte

After proving his electrical automation and control expertise in our Canadian design and manufacturing division, the Master Electrician was put on the first electrical crew to travel to Houston when we expanded into the United States. Since then, McKinney’s worked for us throughout North America and the Middle East.

These days, he calls Saudi Arabia “home” for half the year where he and his cross-shift, Brett Hrynuik, lead the country’s maintenance team.

A day in the life of a Maintenance Manager in Saudi Arabia

Working a 35 x 35 schedule, McKinney spends 35 days at work in Saudi Arabia, followed by 35 days off at home in Canada. While he’s on his days off, his cross-shift Hrynuik is in-country.

The back-to-back Maintenance Managers are responsible for a team of 27 chief and assistant mechanics and electricians; welders; as well as third-party carpenters, plumbers and AC technicians from all over the world.

“Our team has been handpicked based on their qualifications and previous work experience,” he explained. “We’re privileged to be able to work with and learn from such a knowledgeable and diverse group of individuals.”

Since his promotion from Electrical Specialist to Maintenance Manager, McKinney spends a bit less time in the field, and more time in the office developing our international preventative maintenance program.

“Brett and I always looking for innovative ways to save money; searching for new rig technology to experiment with; and finding resources to further develop the team’s skillsets.”

In the office, but never out of reach

Although McKinney’s job is office-based, his hands-on support is never far away. The Maintenance Managers are on-call 24-hours a day in-country, and are always available for phone support on days off.

In addition to McKinney’s day-to-day responsibilities, if time permits, he always tries to make it out to Rigs 126, 127 and 128 every weekend to check-in on his team and visit the crews.

During rare moments out of the office, you’ll find the Canadian growing accustomed to his home away from home.

“I spend the rest of my time in-country trying to cook things I can’t read the label on,” laughed McKinney.

Time flies when you’re having fun

Jordan McKinney and family
Jordan McKinney and his family

“We have great relationships with our vendors and clients, so we often find ourselves living vicariously through everyone’s stories from other parts of the world.”

For McKinney, the people and the abundance of culture in Saudi Arabia are some of the best parts of working in the Middle East.

“Everyone always wants to hear what winter back home is like,” chuckled McKinney. “I always laugh and tell them they don’t want to know! Telling them the temperature is enough to make them to shutter.”

Another rewarding career at Trinidad Drilling

One of the reasons McKinney has worked for Trinidad Drilling for 13 years is our small company feel and our family-like atmosphere.

“Working for Trinidad isn’t just a job. It’s an adventure,” summarized McKinney.

“Lots of us are blown away by that small company feel we remember from when we first started working for Trinidad. It still has that family atmosphere alive and kicking here in the Middle East. It gives us the determination to succeed, impress, and maintain the high standard of work Trinidad is known for.”

Check back on the blog in the coming weeks as McKinney dives into our preventative maintenance program in Saudi Arabia.

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