New country, same Thanksgiving blessings

Dustin Brown, US Field Superintendent and his family

Family feasts, football games, parade floats, and Black Friday finds are common Thanksgiving traditions in the US this time of year. No matter the Thanksgiving tradition, family and friends are often at the heart of the festivities.

For Field Superintendent Dustin Brown, his wife, Jennifer, and their two children, this year’s celebrations will be a little different. Not only will it be the family’s first American Thanksgiving as US residents since Dustin’s promotion from Rig Manager, but Dustin will be home to celebrate.

“I’m always thankful for a healthy family and the opportunity to provide for them, but this year we’re especially grateful for the time we’ll have together.”

You never know where a career with Trinidad may take you

After working on the rigs for 18 years, Dustin knew he wanted to learn more about the business off the rig and wanted a schedule that allowed him more time with his family. So, when a Field Superintendent position opened up in Trinidad’s US division, he put in an application.

A few interviews later, he and his family packed up their home in Medicine Hat, Alberta and headed south. A leap of faith, Dustin admitted, but one that he knew would be worth it.

“Being able to manage some of Trinidad’s top tier rigs and crews has been amazing – all while spending evenings at home with my wife and kids. It doesn’t get better than that.”

At the helm of an all-star line-up

Now working Monday to Friday with alternating on-call weekends, Dustin’s responsible for Rigs 57, 124, 133, 134, 136, and 142. An all-star line-up if you ask us, and a perfect fit given Dustin’s four years of experience with our Canadian rig fleet.

“The CanDrill 1500 rigs I oversee, with the exception of Rig 57, are all very similar to Rig 37 that I pushed in Trinidad’s Canadian division.”

As Field Superintendent, Dustin’s main responsibility is to support and lead his Rig Managers and help promote safe and efficient day-to-day rig operations.

“My days are always different, but a large majority are spent visiting the rigs. I work closely with the Rig Managers planning, troubleshooting and promoting Trinidad’s safety and training programs.”

You can take the guy ‘outta Saskatchewan…

Dustin noted that a holiday at home after 18 years in the field is celebration enough, and they have no definite plans for his family’s first American Thanksgiving.

A Swift Current, Saskatchewan native at heart, he did admit that the only thing that could make this Thanksgiving long weekend even better is if the Saskatchewan Roughriders were playing in the Grey Cup this Sunday in Ottawa, Ontario.

Better luck next time, Dustin…. 🙂

Here’s to a safe and turkey-filled long weekend

To Dustin and his family, and the rest of our American crews and followers, Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Trinidad Drilling!

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