3 focuses for an even safer 2018

3 focuses for an even safer 2018 at Trinidad Drilling

Last month, Derek Hibbard, our General Manager of Global HSE, shared four steps we took to ensure safety success when rig counts spiked in 2017. This week, Derek outlines a few of our plans for an even safer 2018.

As proud as we are of our safety record, we’re always gunning for a perfect score. In our pursuit of eliminating incidents of any kind on Trinidad’s rigs now and in years to come, here are three safety areas we’re focusing on this year.

1. Driving safety from the top down

First on the list is our newly formed HSE Stewardship Committee, focused on developing the direction of our safety program for 2018.

Made up of our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and senior operations, safety and human resources leaders, the Committee will drive safety through all facets of the business.

“When you have the five people that are making the decisions at Trinidad guiding the direction of our HSE program, it speaks volumes to Trinidad’s commitment to safety excellence.”

2. Standardizing safety practices

One of the goals of the HSE Stewardship Committee is to promote safety standardization. From basic safety processes, to how we train our employees, to how we recognize and celebrate safety performance, having one way of doing things company-wide is another goal in 2018.

3. Implementing technology for a safer rig

Part of standardizing our practices is making safety reporting at the rig more efficient. Soon, our Rig Managers will have a web-based app that leverages technology right on site.

“When rolled out, the app will make us better and smarter at how we manage safety at the rig. It will be great in that it will reduce the administrative burden of reporting and will increase reporting efficiency.”

When it comes to safety, we’re talking the talk and walking the walk

“Trinidad has come a long way over the years in improving safety performance,” said Derek. “Our success is a product of leadership, proactivity, and in not only talking the talk, but walking the walk.”

From the moment we hire a rig hand to the first time they set foot on site, they quickly begin to understand how important working safely at Trinidad is to all of us. We do it for our families, for ourselves, for our crews, and for their families. Because safety is part of everything we do, our crews are working on rigs that are seeing safety milestones as huge as nine years.

Learn more about safety at Trinidad from members of the safest crews in the industry with these reads:

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