5 reasons you’ll want to work on a Trinidad rig

Trinidad Drilling Rig 39
Trinidad Rig 39, a 1,500 HP AC Walking Triple

Mike Kerik has worked for a few drilling contractors over his 18-year career in the Canadian oil patch.

After spending the last 12 years in Trinidad teal, he’s figured out what makes us stand out – both as a contractor and as an employer. According to Mike, sticking with us has been a bit of a no-brainer.

“High-performance people, modern iron, huge safety records; you name it, Trinidad’s got it,” said Rig 39’s Rig Manager.

Read on as Mike shares five reasons you’ll want to work on a Trinidad rig.

1. Safety is our top-priority

“Trinidad actually means it when it comes to safety,” said Mike.

We’re firm believers in driving safety from the top down.

“When safety is being preached by our Vice President of Canadian Operations, who is a rig hand at heart, you know he’s talking real world scenarios and you’d better sit down and listen.”

2. We’re one big family

Trinidad has over 1,800 employees with operations in Canada, the United States, the Middle East and Mexico. Despite how much we’ve grown since 1996, we’ve managed to keep our small company-feel.

“It’s the people at Trinidad that make the difference. Lots of the guys in the office have actually worked on a rig floor, so their support is second-to-none,” explained Mike. “They treat us [field employees] like people.”

3. High-achievers advance

We have a track record of developing and promoting high-achievers with the same performance-driven mindset Trinidad is known for. Take Brent Kryzanowski, Dustin Brown, Wayne Adam, and Steve Bozko for example.

“If you’re willing to work hard and put your time in, opportunities to advance will start to present themselves,” said Mike, who was promoted in 2011 from drilling on doubles to managing triples.

4. Great equipment run by skilled crews

Mike has worked with a lot of crews, but he wouldn’t trade the ones he’s worked with at Trinidad for any of them. Our people are highly skilled and well-trained.

“The guys out here are excellent. We’re drilling some record wells on Rig 39, north of Hinton, Alberta, and the whole crew truly enjoys the process.”

To maintain top-performing crews, all of Trinidad’s rig hands go through our in-house competency assurance program (a.k.a. T.E.S.T.). This training gives them the tools they need to run some of the best drilling rigs in the business.

“We have some of the nicest iron going in the oil patch,” said Mike. “Anyone who has ever had anything to do with Trinidad rigs raves about how user-friendly they are. Our rigs were designed by rig hands for rig hands.”

5. We drill in the busiest plays

Thanks to our top-of-the-line crews and modern equipment, our rigs typically work above industry average. For a rig hand, this can mean a steady rotation and income.

Here’s a look at our recent activity levels in some of the hottest plays in North America:

Trinidad Drilling North American activity as at November 8, 2017
Trinidad’s North American activity as at November 8, 2017

You can find Mike and his crew on their 1,500 HP AC walking triple drilling ahead in the Deep Basin in Alberta, Canada as we write this. The team is drilling long lateral wells, and because of their strong safety and operational performance, have earned themselves even more work after this well.

Time to put these reasons to the test

Are you interested in putting Mike’s five reasons to the test? Keep an eye on our website for opportunities to join our team so you can experience it for yourself.

Apply to join our team today.

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  1. Jerry Mitchell

    hello , I my name is Jerry Mitchell I’m am interested in working on one of your rigs , ive filled out two application so far and I am waiting to hear back from you I’m a hard worker and I’m very eager to work for YOUR company please give me a call

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