Safety stand-downs: What are they and what do they mean for rig crews?

Safety stand-down Trinidad Drilling rig

It’s safety stand-down season on Trinidad’s Canadian and U.S. rigs.

If you pictured two rig managers challenging one another to a look-out card duel when you read ‘safety stand-down’ – this blog is for you. Read on as Greg Cochran, Field Superintendent based out of Midland, Texas, explains what safety stand-downs are and what they mean for our rig crews.

What are safety stand-downs

Simply put, a safety stand-down is a planned event where company leaders dedicate time to talk about safety with their employees.

Safety stand-down Trinidad Rig 224
Stand-down in progress at Trinidad Rig 224

“We hold stand-downs at all of our active rigs at the beginning of every year,” explained Greg.

During stand-downs, members of Trinidad’s leadership team head out to our rigs in groups of two or three to talk safety and ask for feedback from our crews on things we can do to improve safety across our fleet. Stand-downs typically take an hour to complete, per crew.

What do safety stand-downs mean for rig crews 

“Stand-downs are where we roll-out the company’s safety message for the year,” noted Greg. “They’re also a great opportunity to get some face-to-face time with Trinidad’s top dogs.”

Depending on scheduling, our crews have the opportunity to meet and discuss safety with Trinidad’s corporate, divisional and safety leaders.

Among those in attendance at our stand-downs this year, along with our safety team, field superintendents and customers, were Adrian Lachance, David Gibson, Brent Kryzanowski and Derek Hibbard.

“For our hands aspiring to move up the ladder, opportunities to meet leaders who have already done it at Trinidad are important,” said Greg.

Our 2018 safety stand-down message: stop unsafe work

This year’s safety message is all about taking proactivity at the rig to a new level.

We’re strengthening our culture around stepping up and intervening when we see unsafe behaviours, before incidents occur, by encouraging our crews to speak up and put a stop to it as they see it.

“Our goal is to change the discussion around stopping coworkers in unsafe acts,” said Greg. “Rather than looking at it as a rule we all have to follow, we want our crews to look at these stoppages as genuine concerns for one another’s safety.”

Here’s our Chief Operating Officer, Adrian Lachance, talking about stopping unsafe work at the rig:

When it comes to keeping our people safe, we mean business

We recently celebrated our 22-year anniversary as a company. From the day we were founded, Mike Heier promised to keep our people safe. Today, our focus on safety remains at the heart of everything we do at Trinidad.

Learn more about Trinidad’s commitment to safety:

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