Rig 134 earns its fifth spot on Pioneer’s ‘Rig Team of the Quarter’ trophy

Dustin Brown, Drilling Superintendent; Gary Malmay, Driller; Brandon Hobbs, Rig Manager

If you are going to do something, do it to the best of your ability.

That mindset has been a defining one for Chad Britt throughout his career. Born into a long line of roughnecks, the Louisiana native is one of the Rig Managers on Rig 134, a trophy-clad triple in our U.S. fleet with a track record of accomplishment.

“I’ve always taught my crews to strive for their very best,” said Chad.

“Rig 134 isn’t gunning for awards, we just want to be a benefit to Trinidad and do our jobs to the highest standard.”

As it turns out, when you are passionate about doing a great job, awards and recognition tend to follow.

On May 2, the crews on Rig 134 were presented with Pioneer Natural Resources’ ‘Rig Team of the Quarter’ trophy, marking the fifth time the rig has received the award since Pioneer started the program three years ago.

“We’re very proud,” smiled Chad. “This award is a result of teamwork from top to bottom – company man to gate guard.”

Pioneer considers metrics like safety, drilling execution, and operational costs to determine quarterly award recipients.

Some of the areas Rig 134 excelled at to earn the award included low average cycle times per well and actual versus planned costs. The team also beat their drilling plan on all four wells in the quarter, despite challenging conditions.

Rig 134’s keys to continued success

Trinidad Rig 134
Trinidad Rig 134

A big part of what makes this rig consistently successful is the quality of its crews and their dedication to working as a team, noted Chad.

“Our rig is full of hard-working individuals that know how to be part of a team and understand that everyone on the team is important.”

When Chad hires a new hand, he is looking for the full package: someone who holds themselves to a high standard, and is safety-minded, motivated, team-oriented, and experienced.

The crews and management of Rig 134 also practice open and respectful communication.

“Everyone on the project needs to know what is expected of them in order achieve it. We work hard on effective communication out here and have a good relationship with our customer as a result of it.”

“Working on this rig alongside these crews has really been a pleasure,” Chad concluded.

“We’re all proud to be part of Trinidad’s family.”

Be part of Trinidad’s winning formula

Are you a team player that’s safety-minded and always striving to perform at the best of your ability?

We are currently looking for experienced rig crews in the United States and Canada. Don’t miss the opportunity to work on some of the newest, most technologically advanced rigs in the industry with award-winning crews.

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