3 reasons why ‘going international’ was this Rig Manager’s best career move

Since he started with Trinidad 13 years ago, Ben Kiemele has worked on our rigs in Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 601
Rig Manager Ben Kiemele in Bahrain

For a guy who had never traveled outside of Canada or been on an airplane prior to his first hitch in Mexico in 2008, he was quick to take to the international drilling scene.

“Going international was the best career move I’ve made,” said Ben, who is currently a Senior Rig Manager in charge of Rig 601 in Bahrain.

“It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s definitely been worth it.”

1. You only work half the year

Ben and his crews work a 35 x 35 schedule; meaning they work 35 days, then have 35 days off.

“You get good time off with your family,” said the toolpush, who is also a proud husband and father of six.

When we spoke with Ben, the Kiemele clan had just returned home from their annual fishing and camping trip in Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan.

“Being home for a month straight while the kids are on summer break is a pretty awesome deal for all of us.”

2. The work is steady

Rig 601 is currently on a contract expected to last 18 months. For rig hands who have had to wait out spring break-up in Western Canada each year, that means steady work with no downtime.

“We work throughout the entire year over here,” said Ben, who decided to join our international team in the Middle East when the Canadian oil patch slowed down in 2015.

“You can expect a steady schedule and steady pay cheques.”

3. You gain valuable experience learning from and adapting to different cultures

In Ben’s experience, the best way to bridge cultural gaps on a rig crew is to take part in traditions and show an interest in the various cultures.

“Drilling in new countries for new customers with new crews from different parts of the world is experience only international work can provide,” said Ben.

“It builds character.”

Don’t miss out on your next big career move

Ben chalks up working in Trinidad teal these last thirteen years as one of his best life experiences.

“The people I have met and colleagues that have become friends are invaluable to me,” he concluded.

“I’m looking forward to many more years of success with this company.”

“For anyone looking to work internationally, they will not regret the experience.”

Did you know two of our 700 series rigs are on their way from Mexico to drill in Kuwait on a five-year contract? Be sure to keep an eye on our international careers page for opportunities to make your best career move yet.

In the meantime, you can learn more about ‘going international’ with these reads:

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