Guest post: Building a safety culture is no easy job in these unusual times

Trinidad Drilling General Manager of Global HSE Derek Hibbard
Derek Hibbard, General Manager, Global HSE

The last 18 months have been hectic. Coming off the worst recession in our history and trying to rebuild on the fly has definitely posed some challenges.

We have had to simultaneously juggle rig upgrades, address personnel, service shortages, and train hundreds of new Trinidad hands while doing everything we can to keep our best people from pursuing other opportunities in the industry. At the end of the day, none of this is new, just the latest iteration of the madness that reflects the cyclical nature of our business.

So the challenge is, and will continue to be, how do we develop and maintain a world-class safety culture amidst all of the chaos and continual noise?

The keys really are engagement and empowerment.

At the core of Trinidad’s HSE system is the Proactive Triangle, which is essentially a model for success built on proactivity and leadership at the rig site. If we follow it, if we encourage our people to follow it, and empower them to do so without recrimination when someone stops a job, then we build a safety culture.

The secret sauce for driving performance on the ground is the Rig Manager.

We try to instill all of our Rig Managers that their rig is, in essence, their own business entity. The amount of success they will achieve is directly proportionate to the amount of effort they are willing to put into it. That means training your people, encouraging them to be their best, and rewarding them when they are.

In reality, this success is measured by our customers and earning more of their business. It is also measured by a more important metric. That metric is when each and every man gets to go home to his family in the same condition in which he left.

Our people make Trinidad special.

Whether we have long time rig crews that have been together for over ten years, or newly formed crews that have not been together ten months, they are all part of the Trinidad family. Treating them like that is what has and will make us a true success story.

Derek Hibbard,
General Manager, Global HSE, Trinidad Drilling

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