From the field to the office: Part two

Dolan Hughson Trinidad DrillingDolan Hughson is the latest field employee to trade in his coveralls for a suit and tie at Trinidad. Much like Canadian Contracts Manager, Steve Bozko, Dolan wanted to learn more about the business off the rigs, and saw our Sales Manager opening in Colorado as a perfect opportunity to drill deeper.

“I know Trinidad’s rigs inside and out,” said Dolan, who started with us 14 years ago as a Rig Manager and worked his way up the ladder to General Manager in our U.S. division, prior to landing the Sales Manager role in Colorado.

“Working on the sales and marketing side is a great opportunity for me to learn more about what goes into contracts, contract negotiations and risk assessment.” Continue reading

From the field to the office

Steve Bozko
Steve Bozko

For the last year, Steve Bozko has been putting on a collared shirt to go to work instead of coveralls. After 11 years in the field, the new dress code was a change. The former roughneck, who came to Trinidad in 2006 so he could work on some new iron, is now sitting behind a desk in downtown Calgary.

“I was comfortable working long hours, outside exposed to all the elements, getting dirty and spending long periods of time away from home,” said Bozko. “I became very accustomed to being away and was very proud of the work I was doing in the field. I loved it.”

But Bozko also wanted to learn more about the business side of the industry, so he took the next step in his career: from Rig Manager of Rig 49 in northern B.C. to Contracts Manager in our corporate head office. Continue reading

supply chain management

Supplying excellence: how supply chain management works with the field

At Trinidad, we’re lucky to have a wide range of talented employees with an even wider range of skillsets. Some are expert drillers, some are experts in sales negotiations, some are all about technology – you get the picture.

Of course, with these different roles come different perspectives. Our crews’ needs sometimes look very different from the needs of the office. So where’s the common ground and how do we make sure the field perspective is being considered in corporate decision making?

We spoke with Rick Pingel, Director, Global Supply Chain, to find out how supply chain management supports our crews in the field. Rick and his team work with the operations group to control costs and improve Trinidad’s competitive advantage.

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From the football field to the oil field: Trinidad Drilling’s CFL connection

Jay McNeil, Trinidad’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, played 14 seasons in the CFL. (Photo courtesy of the Calgary Stampeders.)
Jay McNeil, Trinidad’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, played 14 seasons in the CFL. (Photo courtesy of the Calgary Stampeders.)

Canadian drilling is busiest in the winter; the Canadian Football League plays from June to Nov. These complimentary seasons allowed former CFL offensive lineman Jay McNeil to work with Trinidad Drilling the last three years of his 14-year career with the Calgary Stampeders.

“You have to have some understanding bosses,” said McNeil, who retired from the CFL in 2007 and is now Trinidad’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “During the season, I would work part time. If I had a day off from football, I came into work. We would practice from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day, and then I would come into work in the afternoon.”

“Once the (football) season was over, I worked full time like everyone else.”

With the CFL season about to ramp up, we thought we’d look back at McNeil’s prolific athletic career and find out if the football field and the oil field are really that different.  Continue reading

Rig activity: What it means for people in the field

Here is the honest truth about working in the drilling business: Consistent work for rig hands is dependent on a company’s rig utilization.

Utilization rate = drill days ÷ total available rig days

Drilling contractors, such as Trinidad Drilling, are hired by oil and gas exploration and production companies to drill wells. In order for rig hands to have work, a drilling company needs to have its rigs under contract.

Our crews are consistently working because Trinidad has one of the highest levels of long-term contracts and some of the best utilization rates in the business. Continue reading

How rigs work: The role of Field Electricians

Rigs are sophisticated and technically-advanced pieces of equipment. It takes a crew of well-trained and skilled rig hands to operate them, and it takes a team of knowledgeable specialists to build and maintain them. Tradespeople, such as Heavy-Duty Mechanics, Hydraulic Specialists and Electricians, all help ensure our field hands have well-maintained and safe equipment to operate.

Michael Seinen is a Master Electrician and an Electrical Foreman with Trinidad. He joined our team in 2007 as a new Journeyman. Now, he helps to manage a team of Canadian Field Electricians who work both in the field and at our operations center in Nisku, Alta. Seinen answered a few questions for us about the role of Field Electricians on the rigs. Continue reading

Meet Jordan McKinney: Maintenance Manager and 13-year Trinidad veteran

Jordan McKinney Trinidad Drilling Maintenance Manager
Jordan McKinney, Maintenance Manager in Saudi Arabia

Drilling rigs are incredibly sophisticated machines. It takes a crew of well-trained rig hands to operate them, and a team of expert tradespeople to maintain them. Jordan McKinney is one of those expert tradespeople.

Much like many others at Trinidad Drilling, McKinney has grown as we’ve grown. Read on to learn more about the latest chapter in his 13-year career with us. Continue reading

Trinidad Drilling Drilling Rig 106

5 tips for a roughneck starting their career with Trinidad

When Mike Heier founded Trinidad Drilling in 1996, he knew that as the company grew, he wanted to build awesome rigs while fostering a culture that put people first. By offering on-the-job training and promoting from within, Heier’s visions ring true today – just ask our CEO, Lyle Whitmarsh; our Top Drive Superintendent, Brent Kryzanowski; and our Canadian HSE Compliance Manager, Erika Rocha.

Rig Manager Wayne Adam’s career progression at Trinidad has been no different. Adam’s journey to his current gig on Rig 127 in Saudi Arabia began on Rig 106, when we expanded south of the 49th parallel in 2005. After ten plus years with us, Adam’s opinion of the company hasn’t changed one bit. Continue reading

Trinidad Drilling Rig 54

3 ways we’ve enhanced our rig design to reduce emissions

We always share pictures of our rigs in the most beautiful landscapes. Our favourite shots are often the ones submitted by our crews. Not only do roughnecks love the iron they work on, but they love where they do it – away from city lights with front row seats to the best sunrises and sunsets around.

We share the same appreciation for the great outdoors as our crews do. That’s why we have an engineering and design team making sure we’re minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.

Read on as team leader and mechanical engineer, Jake Hamdan, shares the latest on how we have enhanced our rig fleet to reduce emissions. Continue reading