Spotlight on technology: Teaming-up with RigMinder

Another strategic acquisition at Trinidad

As you may have gathered from our news release issued on August 28th, there’s some exciting stuff going down at Trinidad. With the recent acquisition of RigMinder comes significant technology additions that are complementary to our fleet of 149 drilling rigs.

“Joining forces with RigMinder’s team is an exciting step forward in terms of technology on our rigs,” explained Adrian Lachance, Trinidad’s Chief Operating Officer (and rig technology enthusiast).

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Part two: what do MacGyver, drilling rigs and a little luck have in common?

Two weeks ago, we learned about Adrian Lachance’s oil patch genealogy and the time he tried his luck at acting. This week, we’ll explain Lachance’s status as a MacGyver of sorts in the drilling business and describe how Trinidad’s Chief Operating Officer got to where he is today.

For those of you who have worked on a Bear Drilling rig or are part of Trinidad’s CanDrill 1,500 fan club, this blog’s for you. Continue reading

A good rig was hard to find in the 90s: So Mike Heier founded Trinidad Drilling, 20 years ago today

Mike Heier
Mike Heier, Chairman of the Board and Founder of Trinidad Drilling.
Trinidad Drilling is celebrating its 20th anniversary today! In honour of this milestone, we sat down with our founder, Michael Heier, for a look back at where we came from and what we’ve accomplished over the past two decades.

There was a time when a good rig was hard to find.

Michael Heier, who was running a private oil and gas company called Trinity Energy in the early 1990s, understood that problem at the gut level, and decided to do something about it.

“I had a couple of drilling rigs (from another company) working into our year end. Unbeknownst to me, they took them away from me, and we didn’t get all the drilling we needed done.

“I said, well, that’s not going to happen again,” reflected Heier, now the Board Chair of Trinidad. “Let’s build a couple of rigs. That’s how Trinidad started.”

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