Advice from an oilfield dad

Glenn Heffernan, Rig 51 motorhand and father of three

Taking a leap of faith for family

After 21 years working as a car mechanic in his hometown of Saint Phillips, Newfoundland, Glenn Heffernan called it quits. A dedicated husband and father of three, Glenn knew it was time for a career that would provide the life he always wanted for his family.

“Like any dad, I wanted to give them what they deserved,” said Glenn.

He knew from friends in the oil and gas industry that working on the rigs could provide the financial freedom he was looking for.

“When I was about to leave for my first hitch in Alberta, I told my wife I’d do it for five years, maximum,” Glenn chuckled, in one of those loveable accents Canadian east-coasters are known for.

“That was ten years ago.”

Glenn has been a motorhand at Trinidad since he started his career in the oil patch. Like many from Canada’s east coast, he flies over 6,500 kilometers (4,040 miles) to and from Alberta to work a two-and-one schedule (two weeks at work and one week at home).

After a decade in the industry, he knows all about life as an oilfield dad. Continue reading

Curling great Kevin Koe talks about having Trinidad on his team

Team Koe sporting the Trinidad Drilling logo on their right arms. From left to right: Kevin Koe (skip), Marc Kennedy (third), Brent Laing (second), Ben Hebert (lead).
Team Koe sporting the Trinidad Drilling logo on their right arms. From left to right: Kevin Koe (skip), Marc Kennedy (third), Brent Laing (second), Ben Hebert (lead).

Curling and drilling aren’t really that different. A curler must be able to throw a rock down a sheet of ice and have it stop on a button 30-centimetres wide. Rig crews drill through kilometres of rock and reach an area that can be the size of a kitchen table. Both feats take skill and complete accuracy.

Trinidad’s curling connection doesn’t stop with similarities in craft. We’re sponsors of Team Koe – the rink (that’s curling speak for “team”) representing Alberta and vying for the Canadian championship title at the 2015 Brier in Calgary from Feb. 28 to March 8.

To get you primed for the event, we interviewed the team’s skip, Kevin Koe. Listen in as the former world champ and two-time Brier winner talks about playing at home, the team’s goals, his connection to the oil and gas business and the importance of sponsorship. Continue reading

Drilling down: What’s it really like to be a Motorhand?

Drilling is in Mitchell Andersen’s blood. His grandfather drilled. His uncles drilled.

“It’s the family business,” said Andersen.

“I’m from Alberta, and in Alberta, we drill for oil.”

Andersen is a Motorhand on Trinidad Rig 92, a heavy double that operates near Rocky Mountain House, between Edmonton and Calgary.

The location of Trinidad Rig 92. Click map for more details. (Map data from Google)

The seven year oilfield veteran shared his thoughts on working as a Motorhand and choosing a career in the patchContinue reading