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Going the extra mile: Trinidad’s unsung community heroes

Giving back to the communities in which we live and work is an important part of Trinidad’s culture, no matter the state of the industry. That’s why this year, perhaps more than ever, our employees have been working together to give back in any way they can. From raising money for local initiatives; to cooking for those in need; to coordinating toy drives; there’s been no shortage of community involvement around here.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we thought a blog of thanks for our secret Santa’s was more than fitting. Here’s what our unsung heroes have been up to! Continue reading

Drilling for oil but shooting for gold: Trinidad Drilling and curler Ben Hebert

Ben HebertOlympic gold medallist, world champion, two-time Brier winner. You’d be hard pressed to find a curling title Alberta’s Ben Hebert doesn’t have on his resume.

In last week’s post, we shared our conversation with curling skip Kevin Koe, whose team is sponsored in part by Trinidad and is representing Alberta in this week’s Brier (the Canadian championship of men’s curling).

Now, listen to our interview with Hebert, the all-star lead who joined Koe’s newly formed team last year. In this Q & A, the 31-year-old sweeping powerhouse talks about the Brier being in Calgary, winning Olympic gold in Vancouver, his connection to oil and gas and why sponsorship matters. Continue reading

Curling great Kevin Koe talks about having Trinidad on his team

Team Koe sporting the Trinidad Drilling logo on their right arms. From left to right: Kevin Koe (skip), Marc Kennedy (third), Brent Laing (second), Ben Hebert (lead).
Team Koe sporting the Trinidad Drilling logo on their right arms. From left to right: Kevin Koe (skip), Marc Kennedy (third), Brent Laing (second), Ben Hebert (lead).

Curling and drilling aren’t really that different. A curler must be able to throw a rock down a sheet of ice and have it stop on a button 30-centimetres wide. Rig crews drill through kilometres of rock and reach an area that can be the size of a kitchen table. Both feats take skill and complete accuracy.

Trinidad’s curling connection doesn’t stop with similarities in craft. We’re sponsors of Team Koe – the rink (that’s curling speak for “team”) representing Alberta and vying for the Canadian championship title at the 2015 Brier in Calgary from Feb. 28 to March 8.

To get you primed for the event, we interviewed the team’s skip, Kevin Koe. Listen in as the former world champ and two-time Brier winner talks about playing at home, the team’s goals, his connection to the oil and gas business and the importance of sponsorship. Continue reading

Making a ‘Big Stir’ about family violence

Every human has the right to feel safe at work, and every human has the right to feel safe at home. Period.

On the rigs, our crews watch out for each other. As a community, we need to do the same by speaking out against domestic abuse and family violence. That’s why, on Tuesday, Trinidad participated in The Big Stir in Calgary.

What is ‘The Big Stir’ about?

Trinidad Drilling at The Big Stir
The Trinidad Drilling team makes soup for Calgary women’s shelters at The Big Stir.

The Big Stir is “the largest hands on soup-making event ever” (to use the event’s slogan).

Volunteers from Calgary organizations, including Trinidad, got together Tuesday evening and made 1,200 servings of soup. The soup was delivered on Wednesday to every women’s shelter in the city.

The event wasn’t just about ladles and stock pots – it was also about raising awareness for family violence in our communities (November is Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta). Continue reading