Rig work: 3 things drilling companies want from you, 3 things you need from them

Trinidad Drilling rigFinding the right job is like dating: both parties need to be looking and interested in each other to make it work.

Well, we’re looking. Right now, Trinidad’s Canadian division is hiring experienced hands to work on our growing team.

“Given our high utilization rate and the addition of rigs to our fleet, we require additional key people,” said Sandi Berube, Human Resources Manager with Trinidad Drilling.

In this post, we’ll tell you the top three things we’re looking for in experienced hands and the top three things you can expect from us. Continue reading

Benefits from day 1: Our Canadian benefits plan explained

One of the advantages to joining our team is you start receiving benefits your first day on the job (with many companies, benefits don’t kick in until after three months). We know going three months without health and dental coverage isn’t an option for many rig hands and their families, so we’re proud to offer this to our employees.

3 things to know about our benefits plan:

  1. You’re eligible for health, dental, paramedical and other benefits from your first day on the job (long-term disability, RRSP matching and medical absence are the only benefits you have to wait three months for).
  2. Every employee is equal: Our field employees and our office employees are on the same plan.
  3. Our plan is competitive with other companies in the drilling industry. Some areas of our policy, such as our paramedical coverage, are even superior.

Here are some of the highlights of our Canadian benefits policy. Please remember this is just a general overview. If you are thinking about starting a career with Trinidad, please ask your Recruiting Coordinator for a detailed policy summary. Continue reading