3 reasons why ‘going international’ was this Rig Manager’s best career move

Since he started with Trinidad 13 years ago, Ben Kiemele has worked on our rigs in Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 601
Rig Manager Ben Kiemele in Bahrain

For a guy who had never traveled outside of Canada or been on an airplane prior to his first hitch in Mexico in 2008, he was quick to take to the international drilling scene.

“Going international was the best career move I’ve made,” said Ben, who is currently a Senior Rig Manager in charge of Rig 601 in Bahrain.

“It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s definitely been worth it.” Continue reading

From the field to the office: Part two

Dolan Hughson Trinidad DrillingDolan Hughson is the latest field employee to trade in his coveralls for a suit and tie at Trinidad. Much like Canadian Contracts Manager, Steve Bozko, Dolan wanted to learn more about the business off the rigs, and saw our Sales Manager opening in Colorado as a perfect opportunity to drill deeper.

“I know Trinidad’s rigs inside and out,” said Dolan, who started with us 14 years ago as a Rig Manager and worked his way up the ladder to General Manager in our U.S. division, prior to landing the Sales Manager role in Colorado.

“Working on the sales and marketing side is a great opportunity for me to learn more about what goes into contracts, contract negotiations and risk assessment.” Continue reading

5 reasons you’ll want to work on a Trinidad rig

Trinidad Drilling Rig 39
Trinidad Rig 39, a 1,500 HP AC Walking Triple

Mike Kerik has worked for a few drilling contractors over his 18-year career in the Canadian oil patch.

After spending the last 12 years in Trinidad teal, he’s figured out what makes us stand out – both as a contractor and as an employer. According to Mike, sticking with us has been a bit of a no-brainer.

“High-performance people, modern iron, huge safety records; you name it, Trinidad’s got it,” said Rig 39’s Rig Manager.

Read on as Mike shares five reasons you’ll want to work on a Trinidad rig.

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Meet Jordan McKinney: Maintenance Manager and 13-year Trinidad veteran

Jordan McKinney Trinidad Drilling Maintenance Manager
Jordan McKinney, Maintenance Manager in Saudi Arabia

Drilling rigs are incredibly sophisticated machines. It takes a crew of well-trained rig hands to operate them, and a team of expert tradespeople to maintain them. Jordan McKinney is one of those expert tradespeople.

Much like many others at Trinidad Drilling, McKinney has grown as we’ve grown. Read on to learn more about the latest chapter in his 13-year career with us. Continue reading

Trinidad Drilling International Rig Crew Saudi Arabia

What’s coming down the talent pipeline in Saudi Arabia

Whether it be at home or overseas, we work hard to invest in the communities we drill in to ensure they’re better off as a result of us being there. One of the ways we’re doing this is by hiring, developing, and mentoring local talent on our drilling rigs through Trinidad Essential Skills Training (T.E.S.T.).

T.E.S.T. is our competency-assurance program that defines global performance standards for each position on our rigs (Floorhand, Motorhand, Derrickhand and Driller). Every rig hand that steps foot into Trinidad coveralls is assessed on these standards to ensure they can perform the skills required for their position. Continue reading

Trinidad Drilling Drilling Rig 106

5 tips for a roughneck starting their career with Trinidad

When Mike Heier founded Trinidad Drilling in 1996, he knew that as the company grew, he wanted to build awesome rigs while fostering a culture that put people first. By offering on-the-job training and promoting from within, Heier’s visions ring true today – just ask our CEO, Lyle Whitmarsh; our Top Drive Superintendent, Brent Kryzanowski; and our Canadian HSE Compliance Manager, Erika Rocha.

Rig Manager Wayne Adam’s career progression at Trinidad has been no different. Adam’s journey to his current gig on Rig 127 in Saudi Arabia began on Rig 106, when we expanded south of the 49th parallel in 2005. After ten plus years with us, Adam’s opinion of the company hasn’t changed one bit. Continue reading

Bill Dunbar, Senior Vice President, Trinidad Drilling Canadian Operations

3 career lessons learned with Bill Dunbar after 44 years in drilling

For many of those in the drilling business, starting in the patch fresh out of school was a no-brainer. Some chose this life for their love of iron, some for the money and freedom, and some to be part of a long-standing family tradition.

Starting on the rig as a Floorhand was all Bill Dunbar wanted to do in 1972 – all thanks to his dad who worked for Imperial Oil in the 1950s and 60s when they operated their own drilling rigs.

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Meet “International Man of Drilling” Trevor Warren (part 2)

Trevor Warren with camels in Saudi Arabia
Operations Manager Trevor Warren gets to know some camels in Saudi Arabia.

A couple weeks ago we introduced you to the Trinidad employee we think belongs alongside James Bond and Austin Powers on a list of “International Men”. Trevor Warren, Operations Manager for Trinidad in Saudi Arabia, is our resident, real-life “International Man of Drilling”. Warren has had a fascinating international career with Trinidad, having drilled all over Canada, the U.S., Chile and now Saudi Arabia.

Last time we learned about his background, and what he does in his present job. Today, we dig deeper into what he has experienced in Saudi Arabia, in part two of our Q&A.

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Meet “International Man of Drilling” Trevor Warren

Trinidad Drilling rig in Chile
Trinidad Drilling rig in Chile

Move over James Bond and Austin Powers – we’re adding “International Man of Drilling” to the world’s list of “International Men”. While his job doesn’t take him on the hunt for border-hopping criminal masterminds, when it comes to drilling, Trinidad’s Operations Manager in Saudi Arabia, Trevor Warren, is a real globetrotter. Since signing on with Trinidad Drilling 10 years ago, he has worked all over Canada and the United States, as well as in Chile, before heading to Saudi Arabia two years ago. He recently moved to Bahrain with his family.

So, what’s it like working all over the world? We wanted to know more about how Warren has made drilling an international career. We caught up with him for a Q&A, to find out how he has moved up through the ranks, and all over the world, during his tenure with Trinidad.

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