Meet “International Man of Drilling” Trevor Warren (part 2)

Trevor Warren with camels in Saudi Arabia
Operations Manager Trevor Warren gets to know some camels in Saudi Arabia.

A couple weeks ago we introduced you to the Trinidad employee we think belongs alongside James Bond and Austin Powers on a list of “International Men”. Trevor Warren, Operations Manager for Trinidad in Saudi Arabia, is our resident, real-life “International Man of Drilling”. Warren has had a fascinating international career with Trinidad, having drilled all over Canada, the U.S., Chile and now Saudi Arabia.

Last time we learned about his background, and what he does in his present job. Today, we dig deeper into what he has experienced in Saudi Arabia, in part two of our Q&A.

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Meet “International Man of Drilling” Trevor Warren

Trinidad Drilling rig in Chile
Trinidad Drilling rig in Chile

Move over James Bond and Austin Powers – we’re adding “International Man of Drilling” to the world’s list of “International Men”. While his job doesn’t take him on the hunt for border-hopping criminal masterminds, when it comes to drilling, Trinidad’s Operations Manager in Saudi Arabia, Trevor Warren, is a real globetrotter. Since signing on with Trinidad Drilling 10 years ago, he has worked all over Canada and the United States, as well as in Chile, before heading to Saudi Arabia two years ago. He recently moved to Bahrain with his family.

So, what’s it like working all over the world? We wanted to know more about how Warren has made drilling an international career. We caught up with him for a Q&A, to find out how he has moved up through the ranks, and all over the world, during his tenure with Trinidad.

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Captain Kirk has nothing on this Driller

Trinidad Drilling's Rig 58 in Nisku, Alberta.Shawn McVey’s favourite part of the job is working with technology. So, the fact that he’s a Driller on one of our newest, most advanced rigs is a good fit. Trinidad Rig 58 boasts everything from fully integrated control systems, to its own water purification building, to an enclosed drill floor, to a moving system that allows its backyard to be moved with its centerpiece.

And for McVey, drilling controls are located on a cyber chair that looks like it would be at home on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

“Trinidad has given me the training and opportunities to work with the kind of advanced technology that most rig hands don’t get to work with their entire career,” said McVey, who started with Trinidad three years ago on Rig 57, a sophisticated machine in its own right.

We published other blog posts about Rig 58 while it was being built, but it’s been a few months since the nearly 60-metre-tall rig hit the field to drill natural gas in the Liard Basin in northern B.C., so now we want to give you a look at what it’s like to be at the helm of one of the largest rigs in North America.  Continue reading

Women in oil and gas: A Trinidad Drilling safety leader

Erika Rocha, Trinidad Drilling’s Canadian HSE Compliance ManagerThis is the third post in our “Women in oil and gas” series. 

Erika Rocha, Trinidad Drilling’s Canadian HSE Compliance Manager, started working in the oil and gas industry almost 12 years ago because she was living in Fort St. John, B.C., and there weren’t a lot of other career choices. But Rocha has stayed because, it turns out, she loves the work.

“I’ve been able to understand and learn so many things within the industry, including manufacturing and drilling. I love the challenge. I love how you can learn something new every day and have the opportunity to be creative within the job,” said Rocha, who works out of our Canadian drilling offices in Nisku, Alta., and has been part of Trinidad’s safety team for six years.

The fact that Rocha is female in a male-dominated career path doesn’t really cross her mind. She’s focused on ensuring Trinidad’s operations are in compliance with OH&S standards and industry guidelines and is busy working to continuously improve our company’s safety performance.

“The wonderful thing about Trinidad Drilling is they don’t care if you are a male or a female; they trust that you can do your job and that you do it right,” she said. Continue reading

Women in oil and gas: 5 questions with 1 of Canada’s top investor relations professionals

Trinidad Drilling’s Vice President of Investor Relations, Lisa OttmannThis is the second post in a two-part series. 

The Canadian investment community voted her Best Investor Relations Officer among small-cap businesses earlier this year.

Trinidad Drilling’s Vice President of Investor Relations, Lisa Ottmann, may work in a male-dominated industry, but the IR Magazine Award proves she’s the best person for the job.

“The people at Trinidad believe in the importance of our reputation with investors and want to make sure we always put our best foot forward,” said Ottmann, who has been with Trinidad since 2008 and was promoted to VP in 2011. “I think that doing a good job is what matters and whether I am a man or a woman is irrelevant – which, in my mind, is how it should be.”

A couple weeks ago, we interviewed Trinidad’s CFO, Lesley Bolster, about how the industry is moving away from its “all boys club” reputation, the role Trinidad is playing in that change and the value women bring to the drilling business. In this post, we talk to Ottmann, another female leader in our organization, about how excelling at your job is what matters at Trinidad ­– not a Y chromosome.  Continue reading

Women in oil and gas: 5 questions with Trinidad Drilling’s CFO

Lesley BolsterIt’s no secret that the oil and gas industry has, historically, been dominated by men. But times are changing. Companies across the industry are working to shed the “no girls allowed” image as they realize that giving skilled and talented women a seat at the table helps organizations thrive.

Lesley Bolster has a seat at the table, and it’s an important one. She’s Trinidad’s CFO.

“Trinidad prides itself on selecting employees based on their skills, experience and knowledge – regardless of their gender,” said Bolster, a New Brunswick transplant to Calgary, who shot to an executive suite after only three years with the company.

We asked Bolster, who became Trinidad’s first female CFO in 2012, a few questions about the value women bring to the industry and the role Trinidad is playing in making drilling more diverse. Continue reading

4 ways international drilling gigs are life changing

Michael Portman has wanted to drill internationally since he started working on the rigs 10 years ago, so when Trinidad put out a bulletin asking for employees to go on assignment to Saudi Arabia, he applied that day.

“I’ve always wanted to go work overseas, so when the opportunity came up, I couldn’t say no,” said Portman, a Derrickhand from Vancouver, B.C.

Portman just finished his first hitch on Rig 126, an upgraded triple operating in the Khurais oil field, about three and a half hours southwest of Dammam, the capital of Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.

It’s early days, but here are four things Portman is getting to experience on this new adventure:  Continue reading

What’s your oil field perspective?

Mexico 506Trinidad just had an anniversary. We’ve been on social media for over a year! During this time, we’ve connected with a lot of hard-working people in the oil and gas industry from around the world. We love receiving your photos of rigs in the field, answering your questions about work in the drilling industry and learning your perspective on oil field life.

That’s why we decided this blog post would be all about you. You’ve read our viewpoint on safety, technology and careers in the oil patch. Now it’s time to feature your voice. We scrolled through our Twitter feed, scoured our LinkedIn page and searched our Facebook comments to find some of your ideas on these important topics. Continue reading

Rig talk: A roughneck’s perspective on life as a Floorhand

Eunice Mosley knows what it’s like to work on the rig floor. The father, husband and Louisiana native is a Floorhand on Trinidad Rig 109 in Texas and has been in the drilling game for almost eight years.

If you choose a career on the rigs, you’ll spend some time as a Floorhand. In this post, we’ll explain what the job entails and include some audio clips from Mosley, so you can hear about the job straight from “the roughneck’s mouth.”

Trinidad Rig 109
Trinidad Rig 109 in Texas. Photo courtesy of Eunice Mosley.

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