3 reasons why ‘going international’ was this Rig Manager’s best career move

Since he started with Trinidad 13 years ago, Ben Kiemele has worked on our rigs in Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Trinidad Drilling Rig 601
Rig Manager Ben Kiemele in Bahrain

For a guy who had never traveled outside of Canada or been on an airplane prior to his first hitch in Mexico in 2008, he was quick to take to the international drilling scene.

“Going international was the best career move I’ve made,” said Ben, who is currently a Senior Rig Manager in charge of Rig 601 in Bahrain.

“It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s definitely been worth it.” Continue reading

International drilling: A Texas-based Driller starts work in Saudi Arabia

Brandon Skelton (right)
Brandon Skelton (right)

Trinidad Driller Brandon Skelton just finished his first rotation in Saudi Arabia and the born-and-raised Texan has already rode a camel and learned some Arabic.

“My grandfather made his living working for Aramco (a national oil and gas company in Saudi Arabia) from the late ‘70s to the mid-‘90s. It has always been in my plans to go international and follow in his footsteps,” said Skelton, who started his career on the rigs 12 years ago. Continue reading