Rig Profile: Trinidad Drilling Rig 10

This week on the blog, we’re showcasing Rig 10, a Range III Single in our Canadian fleet. Currently drilling west of Virden, Manitoba, this rig has proven to be a customer favourite in the Williston Basin.

Our Manitoba crews enjoy working eight-hour days close to home, spending evenings with their families, rather than at rig camps or hotels. Oh, and the views are pretty great too!

Trinidad Drilling Rig 10 Profile

Triples, Doubles, Singles

You name it, we’ve got it. At 149 rigs strong, you can find Trinidad’s fleet in Canada, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

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Rig life in Manitoba

The location of Trinidad’s rigs in Manitoba.
The location of Trinidad’s rigs in Manitoba.

Vern Falloon has been working in the oil patch for 25 years, and for close to a decade he’s been drilling in his home province of Manitoba. The work there has been so reliable, he’s stopped paying attention to fluctuations in the oil and gas market.

“I’ve worked as much as I want. I have never seen the highs or the lows,” said Falloon, the Rig Manager of Trinidad Rig 10.

When you think of the Canadian oil patch, you probably think of Alberta, but Trinidad Drilling operates five rigs around Virden, Man., where rig work is steady and rig life is a little different than further west. Continue reading