Maintaining Trinidad's rig fleet in Saudi Arabia

Maintaining Trinidad’s rig fleet in Saudi Arabia

There’s a lot riding on the smooth operation of a drilling rig’s mechanical and electrical systems. That’s why we trust only the highest calibre tradespeople to keep our rig fleet in tip-top condition. In Saudi Arabia, Jordan McKinney, Brett Hrynuik, and their all-star team are Trinidad’s go-to maintenance squad.

Three weeks ago, McKinney explained his role as Maintenance Manager. This week, we’ll learn more about his team and what they’re doing to ensure our rigs perform come heat or high winds in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Continue reading

Meet Jordan McKinney: Maintenance Manager and 13-year Trinidad veteran

Jordan McKinney Trinidad Drilling Maintenance Manager
Jordan McKinney, Maintenance Manager in Saudi Arabia

Drilling rigs are incredibly sophisticated machines. It takes a crew of well-trained rig hands to operate them, and a team of expert tradespeople to maintain them. Jordan McKinney is one of those expert tradespeople.

Much like many others at Trinidad Drilling, McKinney has grown as we’ve grown. Read on to learn more about the latest chapter in his 13-year career with us. Continue reading

Trinidad Drilling rig

How rigs work: The role of Mechanics

During spring break-up in Canada many rig hands are off while waiting for road bans to be lifted and land to dry out. For Jason Hurtubise, however, it is busy season. He is a Heavy-Duty Mechanic and the Lead Hand in Trinidad’s mechanical shop. Hurtubise and his team take advantage of the short time the rigs are racked to perform maintenance on Trinidad’s Canadian fleet.

“We are always quite busy at this time of year with all the recerts (recertifications) and repairs for the up-coming drilling season,” said Hurtubise.  Continue reading