Hockey & rigs? Randy Hawkings explains the connection

Randy Hawkings Trinidad Drilling

When Trinidad acquired CanElson in August 2015, one of the big benefits was welcoming CanElson president and CEO, Randy Hawkings, to our team.

He’s our new Executive Vice-President, Canadian and Mexico Operations, and he brings lots of experience with him — in engineering, management, and many other areas of the drilling business.

He’s a lot of fun to talk to, and has lots of cool perspectives on the industry. Read on to learn about Hawkings’ philosophy on drilling, his history and why he’s so passionate about the drilling industry.

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A good rig was hard to find in the 90s: So Mike Heier founded Trinidad Drilling, 20 years ago today

Mike Heier
Mike Heier, Chairman of the Board and Founder of Trinidad Drilling.
Trinidad Drilling is celebrating its 20th anniversary today! In honour of this milestone, we sat down with our founder, Michael Heier, for a look back at where we came from and what we’ve accomplished over the past two decades.

There was a time when a good rig was hard to find.

Michael Heier, who was running a private oil and gas company called Trinity Energy in the early 1990s, understood that problem at the gut level, and decided to do something about it.

“I had a couple of drilling rigs (from another company) working into our year end. Unbeknownst to me, they took them away from me, and we didn’t get all the drilling we needed done.

“I said, well, that’s not going to happen again,” reflected Heier, now the Board Chair of Trinidad. “Let’s build a couple of rigs. That’s how Trinidad started.”

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Looking back on 2015: 5 big milestones at Trinidad

Everyone knows that 2015 was a challenging year in the oilpatch.

Yet at Trinidad Drilling, we took on those challenges and continued moving forward with exciting new rig technology, our joint ventures in new locations, and an important acquisition that made us bigger and stronger.

Most importantly, Trinidad also maintained its super-impressive safety record. No matter what, safety is always number one at Trinidad.

Take a peek at five of our most impressive milestones in 2015, and celebrate with us (click to enlarge infographic).

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Safety values have no borders

This post is part of Trinidad’s “Focus on safety” blog series. 

Trinidad Drilling's Rig 701 in Mexico.

It doesn’t matter if your rig is in the Saudi Arabian desert or the boreal forest of northern Alberta, we all go to work for the same reason. 

“That’s the common thread that international companies have: You have different languages, different cultures, different customs, but the one common thing is that we all work and want to make our lives better and that of our families,” said Derek Hibbard, General Manager of HSE for Trinidad’s U.S. and international divisions.

That common thread, explained Hibbard, is the reason safety is important no matter what country you are operating in.

We drill in Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., and our commitment to safety is the same in each place because everyone deserves to go home safe to their family at the end of the day.

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Rig spotlight: 4 rigs getting ready for Mexico

Trinidad Design and Manufacturing’s headquarters in Nisku, Alberta, has been a flurry of activity this year. Our team there has been busy building new iron. Their current project? Four new rigs for Trinidad’s joint-venture operations in Mexico. When the rigs are finished, they’ll be the tallest in Trinidad’s fleet.

Here’s what you need to know about Trinidad’s new Mexican rigs:

Their names:

Rigs 701, 702, 703 and 704

Where they’ll be drilling:

The new, state-of-the-art rigs will operate in the area around Villahermosa, Mexico, through an international joint venture between Trinidad and Halliburton. The city of Villahermosa is an epicenter for oil and gas activity in Mexico. Continue reading

Drilling: A career without borders

We talk a lot in our blog about the opportunities our rig hands have for career growth, but we understand career growth means different things to different people. For some, it is as much about getting to work in new places as it is about moving up the corporate ladder.

Because we drill throughout North America and are now expanding into Saudi Arabia, our employees have opportunities to work internationally. Take Cam Good. He’s a born and raised Albertan who works as a Field Superintendent with Trinidad’s operations in Mexico.

About Cam Good, Field Superintendent:

Work location: Based out of Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
Home: Alberta, Canada
Years of drilling experience: 27
Schedule: 28/28 rotation. 28 days at work, two days of travel and 26 days at home with his family. Continue reading