Your photos: Vote for the best rig shot

When you look at these shots taken by members of Trinidad’s Canadian drilling team, it’s easy to understand why roughnecks love to work outdoors.

Here are eight of our favourite photos sent in by Trinidad rig hands (who should also moonlight as photographers). Tell us your pick for the best photo by voting at the bottom of this page.

8 photos from the field

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[Photos] 15 beauty shots of Trinidad Drilling rigs

Most roughnecks are proud of the iron they work on. We’re no exception. Our rigs are some of the best in the industry – more than 85 per cent of our fleet is made up of modern, high-performance rigs.

Here’s a peek at some of our favourite shots of rigs in the field and new iron being built in the yard.

Drilling in the field

Take a look at some of our land and barge rigs operating around the world.

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