Spotlight on technology: how automated pipe-handling systems are making the Derrickhand’s job safer

Trinidad Drilling Rig 58

A Derrickhand stands on a rig 90 feet up into the sky. From there, he aligns pipes and directs them from the racking board fingers to the top drive, and vice versa.

The work is intensely physical, and there are always safety concerns, as well.

That’s why Trinidad Drilling is moving to an automated pipe-handling system on the derrick. It’s an exciting new development, both for safety and efficiency, and Trinidad has been testing it for about a year.

With the new system, the Derrickhand is comfortably inside the doghouse, instead of up on the monkeyboard. Instead of manually handling the pipes, he’s controlling them with a machine that carries out multiple functions automatically.

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Trinidad Drilling

Trinidad Drilling reaches lowest TRIF in its history

Trinidad’s Canadian rigs are the safest they have ever been and some of the safest in the country.

“The company has achieved its lowest TRIF (total recordable incident frequency) in its history,” said Jay McNeil, Trinidad’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “In Canada, we’re 52 per cent better than the rest of the industry.”

At the end of June, the combined TRIF for Trinidad Specialty and Canadian Drilling was 1.48. A drilling company’s TRIF is a 12 month rolling average that indicates how often there is a recordable safety incident on a company’s rigs.

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Rig spotlight: Trinidad Rig 58

There is something unassuming about the name Rig 58. But once you see this rig built, you’ll realize there is nothing unassuming about it. After all, Rig 58 will be one of the largest and most technically advanced land rigs drilling in North America.

“It’s a beast. You will know it’s Rig 58 when you see it.” – Jehad Hamdan, Engineering Manager with Trinidad Design & Manufacturing

Rig 58 is a project currently being undertaken by Trinidad Design & Manufacturing. When it’s finished, it will be the largest in Trinidad’s 134-rig fleet. Jehad Hamdan, Engineering Manager with Trinidad Design & Manufacturing, likened the rig to “a Bentley.” Continue reading