Part two: what do MacGyver, drilling rigs and a little luck have in common?

Two weeks ago, we learned about Adrian Lachance’s oil patch genealogy and the time he tried his luck at acting. This week, we’ll explain Lachance’s status as a MacGyver of sorts in the drilling business and describe how Trinidad’s Chief Operating Officer got to where he is today.

For those of you who have worked on a Bear Drilling rig or are part of Trinidad’s CanDrill 1,500 fan club, this blog’s for you. Continue reading

Trinidad Drilling

Quality control: The secret to building better rigs

Trinidad Drilling has one of the best fleets in the business because our rigs use advanced technologies and are operated by skilled crews. Plus, we make sure our iron meets high quality standards before it even gets to the field.

Ron Hornbrook is the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager with Trinidad Design & Manufacturing. His team is in charge of the quality management system for Trinidad’s equipment.

“A good quality management system can significantly improve our competitive advantage, increase efficiency, reduce repairs in the field and most importantly help improve rig safety,” said Hornbrook. Continue reading