How to stay busy during spring break-up in Canada

3 ways to stay busy during spring break-up in Canada

Drilling activity in western Canada is busiest during the winter months. From October to mid-March, cold temperatures freeze the ground enough for drilling companies to move rigs without damaging municipal roads.

Come April, as temperatures rise, the ground thaws, and road bans are put in place, a number of rigs are shut down and stacked for what the industry calls “spring break-up.” Typically lasting anywhere from six weeks to three months (depending on weather, activity levels, and the rig’s location), crews are laid off to wait out the thaw.

“Lots of hands look for temporary work during break-up, often picking up seasonal jobs like landscaping or farming,” explained Trisha Hennig, Field Services Manager in our Canadian division. “Others budget throughout the year and take the time off to travel.” Continue reading

5 reasons you’ll want to work for Trinidad

There’s a scene in the movie “You, Me and Dupree” with Owen Wilson when Wilson’s fun-loving but unemployed character says in a job interview, “I don’t live to work. It’s more the other way around . . . ”

We all have to work for a living (or most of us anyway). You choose a career and a company based on which one will provide the best life for you and your family.

You probably already know that rig work pays well, that is pretty standard no matter what drilling company you go work for, but take a look at these five reasons you will want to work for our drilling company:

Trinidad Advantage poster Continue reading