Trinidad Drilling Rig 137

Rig safety: how to stay safe during tornado season

According to U.S. Tornadoes, an average of 1,224 tornadoes touch down each year across the United States. With Texas being the hottest spot for twister activity, and the majority of our U.S. rig fleet drilling there, tornado safety is always on our radar.

HSE Field Coordinator, Alex Cavazos, has been preparing rig crews for severe weather for the last five years. A native of Texas, Alex understands the affects severe weather can have on a worksite.

“As with any safety-sensitive situation, the best way to handle severe weather is to be proactive and well-prepared,” explained Alex.

Keep reading for his team’s safety tips at the rig when the skies take a turn for the worse. Continue reading

How Rig 9 went 1,400 days without an incident

If you want to know the secret to operating a safe rig, ask Orland Cook. He is the tool push on Trinidad’s Rig 9, which has worked over 1,400 days* without a recordable injury.

“As long as I have run a crew on the rigs, whether it was drilling or as a Rig Manager, I have always believed that if you are organized and work at a comfortable pace, that you can be safe and efficient every day,” said Cook, a 19-year veteran of the drilling industry.

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