Making a ‘Big Stir’ about family violence

Every human has the right to feel safe at work, and every human has the right to feel safe at home. Period.

On the rigs, our crews watch out for each other. As a community, we need to do the same by speaking out against domestic abuse and family violence. That’s why, on Tuesday, Trinidad participated in The Big Stir in Calgary.

What is ‘The Big Stir’ about?

Trinidad Drilling at The Big Stir
The Trinidad Drilling team makes soup for Calgary women’s shelters at The Big Stir.

The Big Stir is “the largest hands on soup-making event ever” (to use the event’s slogan).

Volunteers from Calgary organizations, including Trinidad, got together Tuesday evening and made 1,200 servings of soup. The soup was delivered on Wednesday to every women’s shelter in the city.

The event wasn’t just about ladles and stock pots – it was also about raising awareness for family violence in our communities (November is Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta). Continue reading