Spotlight on technology: The way a top drive works

This is the first post in Trinidad’s three-part series on top drives. 

Trinidad top driveThere is no question that top drives have changed the drilling industry. They have made rigs safer and more efficient. Plus, the technology allows us to reach drilling targets that were once considered unreachable.

“The top drive drilling system is one of the most significant advancements in drilling technology,” said Brent Kryzanowski, General Manager, Canadian Operations and the Top Drive expert for Trinidad’s Canadian fleet.

In this post, Kryzanowski explains how the game-changing innovation works. Continue reading

What’s your oil field perspective?

Mexico 506Trinidad just had an anniversary. We’ve been on social media for over a year! During this time, we’ve connected with a lot of hard-working people in the oil and gas industry from around the world. We love receiving your photos of rigs in the field, answering your questions about work in the drilling industry and learning your perspective on oil field life.

That’s why we decided this blog post would be all about you. You’ve read our viewpoint on safety, technology and careers in the oil patch. Now it’s time to feature your voice. We scrolled through our Twitter feed, scoured our LinkedIn page and searched our Facebook comments to find some of your ideas on these important topics. Continue reading

The top 3 ways Trinidad is minimizing its environmental footprint

Our crews are outside every day. We work alongside stunning natural surroundings, and that is why we are keenly aware that Trinidad, like all companies, has a responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment.

Here are three ways we are doing that:

DSCN01951. Preventing drilling fluid leaks

Rigs use drilling fluid (or “mud”) to control pressure and stabilize the hole while drilling. We are working to make sure fluids don’t leak near the drilling site by engineering containment solutions where spills are likely to occur from the top drive to the mud tank. If a leak does occur, Trinidad has policies in place to safely deal with the incident.

“Newer rigs have built in vacuum services to quickly recover spilled fluids,” explained Darryl Hostyn, HSE Manager for Trinidad’s Canadian drilling division.

We also ensure our equipment is well maintained, which helps to prevent leaks. Continue reading

Trinidad Rig 58

Trinidad Rig 58: A rig you’ll want to work on

At almost 58-metres high, Trinidad Rig 58 is one of the largest rigs in North America. And it’s not only imposing. It’s impressive. The 1,250-kip* rig is loaded with the most technically advanced drilling equipment in the business.

“It’s overwhelming to see the effort of so many produce a rig of this magnitude, with all of its bells and whistles.” – John Glunz, Rig Manager.

“I am honoured to be a part of a project of such technical focus,” said John Glunz, one of the Rig Managers who’ll be in charge of Rig 58. “It’s overwhelming to see the effort of so many produce a rig of this magnitude, with all of its bells and whistles.”

Rig 58, one of Trinidad’s newest rigs, is being built to reach depths over 8,000 metres and will drill natural gas in the Liard Basin, an area being developed to supply proposed LNG (liquefied natural gas) plants on the west coast of British Columbia.

Trinidad Rig 58 - 3

“This rig will attract some elite work in the drilling field. Its size and capabilities are second to none,” said Glunz, who has been in the drilling business for 26 years, 16 of those as a Rig Manager. “I don’t foresee a big turnover in rig workers, as the rig design and long term steady work are a huge attraction.” Continue reading

Trinidad Drilling rig crew

Trinidad drills record lateral well in Texas

The crew of Trinidad Rig 135 has earned some bragging rights. Earlier this fall, in Panola County, Texas, they completed the longest lateral that Anadarko Petroleum has ever drilled. 

Horizontal length: 12,606 feet
True vertical depth: 10,859 feet
Measured depth: 22,443 feet

Crew expertise and training was, I think, the key to this achievement,” said Andy Gilcreast, Rig Manager of Rig 135. “Crews were motivated and determined to accomplish this feat while keeping safety the overall highest priority.” Continue reading

Trinidad Drilling

4 ways to make rigs safer

Here’s what safety means to us: Every person who works on a Trinidad Drilling rig needs to go home safe every day. Period.

Trinidad is working to continuously improve safety by using advanced technologies to automate potentially dangerous rig activities. However, technology alone can’t keep crews safe. At Trinidad, we’re working to create a safety culture that combines both safe behaviour and safe technology.

Brian Davis, HSE Manager for Trinidad’s U.S. operations, spoke to us about some of the ways Trinidad is taking a proactive approach to safety.

1. STOP unsafe activities

Rig safety is both everyone’s right and everyone’s responsibility, Davis explained. That is why Trinidad’s rigs use the “Look-Out” program, which teaches crew members to look for, stop and report unsafe activities.

“Look-Out is the tool we use to empower our employees on the rigs to identify and stop unsafe conditions or behaviours and get those activities corrected before they proceed with the job,” explained Davis.

Each rig hand carries “Look-Out” observation cards. Once they have stopped an activity, they complete an observation card to ensure steps are taken to prevent the risk in the future. Continue reading

Trinidad Drilling

Quality control: The secret to building better rigs

Trinidad Drilling has one of the best fleets in the business because our rigs use advanced technologies and are operated by skilled crews. Plus, we make sure our iron meets high quality standards before it even gets to the field.

Ron Hornbrook is the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager with Trinidad Design & Manufacturing. His team is in charge of the quality management system for Trinidad’s equipment.

“A good quality management system can significantly improve our competitive advantage, increase efficiency, reduce repairs in the field and most importantly help improve rig safety,” said Hornbrook. Continue reading

Behind the scenes of a Trinidad Drilling rig build

On the side of our newest rig, its name is displayed in white letters: “Trinidad Drilling International 601.”Trinidad 601

Rig 601 has truly earned the “International” moniker. En route to its drilling destination in Saudi Arabia, Rig 601 has been from Canada to the U.S. to the United Arab Emirates – all in a matter of months.

In last week’s blog post, Drew Jacobi, the Rig Up Supervisor on Rig 601, explained what makes 601 state-of-the-art (it can move locations quickly and features advanced control and depth-tracking systems). For this week’s post, Jacobi explained how the high-tech machine came to life. Continue reading

Spotlight on technology: How integrated control systems are changing drilling

Trinidad Drilling, driller

Advances in technology are changing the way crews work on drilling rigs.

At Trinidad, we are using integrated control systems to give Drillers the ability to control equipment from one main system in the safety of the cabin.

“New technologies will improve the safety of the rig crew by keeping them out of the way of dangerous equipment when possible,” explained Joel Hamonic, a Technical Coordinator with Trinidad Design & Manufacturing. Continue reading