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5 tips for a roughneck starting their career with Trinidad

When Mike Heier founded Trinidad Drilling in 1996, he knew that as the company grew, he wanted to build awesome rigs while fostering a culture that put people first. By offering on-the-job training and promoting from within, Heier’s visions ring true today – just ask our CEO, Lyle Whitmarsh; our Top Drive Superintendent, Brent Kryzanowski; and our Canadian HSE Compliance Manager, Erika Rocha.

Rig Manager Wayne Adam’s career progression at Trinidad has been no different. Adam’s journey to his current gig on Rig 127 in Saudi Arabia began on Rig 106, when we expanded south of the 49th parallel in 2005. After ten plus years with us, Adam’s opinion of the company hasn’t changed one bit. Continue reading

Putting rig crews to the T.E.S.T.: Rig Manager Colin Matthews

Colin Matthews knows it’s important to T.E.S.T. his crew.

The Rig Manager on Rig 40, presently drilling north of Fort St. John, B.C., was trained in implementing Trinidad’s competency-assurance program, also known as Trinidad Essential Skills Training, or T.E.S.T.

So you could say he’s a T.E.S.T. expert — not only on the skills required on a rig, but how to evaluate them.

“It’s a skills training program for all hands that work for Trinidad, be it new hands, or hands that are already working,” said Matthews. “I was also trained to be an assessor.”

The responsibility of an assessor is to evaluate the competencies and skills of the worker as identified by the T.E.S.T. program.

Trinidad crews are among the most skilled and knowledgeable in the drilling business, and we’re committed to growing their careers and keeping them safe. Trinidad therefore created T.E.S.T. to help ensure members of our team have a safe and successful career.

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