Can safety and business success go hand in hand?

This post is part of Trinidad’s “Focus on safety” blog series. 

A Trinidad Drilling rig hand.

Can a business have a moral compass and still be successful?

We think so. After all, our strong safety values are a key part of our business success.

In last week’s post, we talked to Derek Hibbard, General Manager of HSE for Trinidad’s U.S. and international divisions, about how we’re keeping our international rigs safe. This week, Hibbard explains how Trinidad takes care of its team out of both moral principle and good business practice.

Safety: It’s a matter of morality

Before we start talking about good business practices, let’s first talk about moral principles. Which is fitting because in order to keep workers safe, safety needs to be a company’s top priority, above the bottom line.  Continue reading

4 safety resolutions every rig worker should make in 2015

Safety on drilling rigs requires that every worker is safe in everything they do . . . Every. Single. Thing.

In order for this to happen, safety needs to be a value you’re committed to in all aspects of life. Why? Because safe attitudes and behaviors are not something that can be turned on and off when you get to and leave work.

“We train our workers with skills they can use at work as well as at home,” said Brad Huber, Trinidad’s General Manager of HSE for Canadian Drilling. “We want our workers bringing their safe behaviours home as well as back to work with them.” 

We want 2015 to be safe for you and your family, so here are four resolutions every rig worker should make this year. Continue reading

Maintaining integrity as we grow: Feedback from the field matters

The SilentWhistle program at Trinidad is an integral part of ensuring an ethical and safe environment for our employees.

This system is designed for you to provide Trinidad’s management with feedback about our business practices and incidents that we may not see on a daily basis.

We work hard to develop a culture where everyone at Trinidad feels they have a voice – especially when it comes to safety. The SilentWhistle program gives our employees, consultants and partners a completely anonymous avenue to share their concerns or suggestions.  Continue reading

Rig work: 3 things drilling companies want from you, 3 things you need from them

Trinidad Drilling rigFinding the right job is like dating: both parties need to be looking and interested in each other to make it work.

Well, we’re looking. Right now, Trinidad’s Canadian division is hiring experienced hands to work on our growing team.

“Given our high utilization rate and the addition of rigs to our fleet, we require additional key people,” said Sandi Berube, Human Resources Manager with Trinidad Drilling.

In this post, we’ll tell you the top three things we’re looking for in experienced hands and the top three things you can expect from us. Continue reading